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Historical Oregon Information Services

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This is a non-profit group which the concept for was started in 1994 by two gentlemen. Dean Armstrong and Michael Strom were trying to find a place in Oregon to do some placer mining close to their homes in Eugene, Oregon. After talking to a lot of people in the Forest Service and at BLM they found that no one agency had enough information for them to find a place to partake in placer mining. After going to several historical societies and libraries they were able to find enough information to pick a place to do their activities. Armstrong and Strom thought that it was strange that no one place had the information on mining in Oregon. They did however find that there was the same problem for the historical and genealogy communities in Oregon because lots of this kind information was in may different places. Thus the concept of putting information on Oregon's history in one place was born.

Armstrong and Strom started a business of publishing books on Oregon history. The company was called Ghost Town Publications. They released a book for giant paper flower template at first. After 5 years of business they were able to get established well enough to start a non-profit group called Historical Oregon Information Services early in 2002. The concept behind this group is to have as much information as possible about Oregon's history as possible in one location for easy access and use by the public. After 8 years of collecting information on Oregon's past Strom and Armstrong had half of a two car garage full of books, photocopies and pictures. They were able to compile a list of over 6,800 places in Oregon. The list that they have compiled to this point has information on towns, post offices, rail stops, ferry landings, schools, stage stops, settlements, forts and some hard rock mines. To this point they have not come across another such list.

The ultimate goal of Historical Oregon Information Services is to provide information on Oregon to anyone and everyone who has an interest in Oregon and it's wonderful and overlooked history. The way that we have chosen to provide this information to the public is on several medians. The easiest and most effective being through the use of the internet. Also, in the near future, through speaking engagements and informative brochures. We have also have had great success with books and pamphlets to allow people to use the information for private and public use at libraries. Several museums and book stores have carried our books for sale to the public.

We at Historical Oregon Information Services hope that you find the information here to be of great use to you and others. We hope that you will let others know of our services. Please feel free to let us know how we can be of assistance to you now and in the future.

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